Giving provides children with developmental opportunities and expands their horizons.

In A Heartbeat

Giving saves the life of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.


Giving helps a low income individual gain access to technology and opportunity.

Food Share of Ventura County

Giving puts food on the plates of hungry families.

Weingart Center

Giving helps homeless folks in L.A. get back on their feet.


Giving helps fund the technology that small farmers in poorly served communities need to have food security.

Dads for Giving

Giving helps parents teach their children about giving back to their community.

Kids First Project

Giving helps teach kids how to break the cycle of youth poverty.

Catch Up & Read

Giving helps children become more proficient readers.

Alliance of Families for Justice

Giving helps the families of the incarcerated population fight on.

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Giving strengthens the fight against homelessness.

Rose Haven

Giving helps women, children and gender non-conforming people live another day.

Dig Deep

Giving helps Americans without running water receive basic plumbing.

Indigenous Environmental Network

Giving helps Indigenous populations learn how to overcome environmental challenges.