19 Metric Tons of Carbon

That’s the amount created by Amazon deliveries in 2017 alone (as much as almost 5 coal power plants!)

1000 Years

That’s the time it takes just one piece of plastic packaging to decompose in a landfill.

1 Trillion Dollars

That’s how much money Americans spent on holiday gifts in just 2019. Enough to end world poverty.

1000 years for a single piece of plastic to decompose?


If grandma wanted to give you something that would last forever, welp, she’s done it.

At GiveNotGift, we believe giving shouldn’t take from the environment. And showing our love shouldn’t hurt our planet. So we set out to make helping great causes just as fun as wrapping up a wool sweater set—dare we say, more.

A Classic Stuff Story

Let’s be real. Most people don’t need more stuff. Especially stuff Aunt Vivian picked out in the bargain barrel. And yet, there’s still an expectation that we all need to give presents on birthdays and Christmas, even when it’s likely to be something they don’t want.

In truth, Robb and I felt like we had everything we needed. But plenty of people were still in need around the world. We also knew nobody’s coming empty-handed to Christmas. So we developed the Give Certificate: A way to finally stop the stuff exchange and truly channel all that love into helping amazing, game-changing causes. If that’s a mission you can get behind, just ask your friends and family for a Give Certificate next birthday or holiday. And shoot us a message to tell us how it goes.

– Pam Wagner, Cofounder